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If you've enjoyed our web site, then please let us know. Sign our Guest Book and leave a comment.

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the Untitled (By Rebekah Blackwolf On 5-January-2008 10:17 pm)

Hello all,

the Merry X (By Chora On 22-December-2007 5:21 am)
Rosae Crucis Fraternitatis wish to all LONG RIDERS a merry christmas and great 2008.

the SRSC (By Silent Riders Social Club On 15-December-2007 6:16 pm)

Merry Christmas to the Longriders CMC Australia.

the howie@godssquad.org (By Howie On 11-December-2007 12:48 am)
Just wishing all Longriders CMC a great Christmas and all the verybest for 2008.

the Thanks - GSCMCUK (By Howie On 27-November-2007 1:10 am)
Just wanted to thank Andrew Fooks for the lending Sean his bike when we came out to see Woody. Much appreciated brother. Hope your exams went well.

the Street Pastor (By Barry Pound On 12-November-2007 4:28 pm)

Hi guys,

the Silent Riders Social Club - Australia (By Cranky On 28-October-2007 10:25 pm)

Met some members of your Club before here in Victoria, Nice blokes. All the best

the Untitled (By Jake On 9-September-2007 6:32 pm)
G'day, We met a few of your members & a nominee who was great fun to chat with, he was inspirational & polite, on a run with the Ulysses club today, a service was held & it was done very well, one suggestion though, TALK LOUDER!! Get that message out, you're a voice for the Lord, use it big time. I admire what you do, all power to ya. I'm a non practising born again pentecostal & it took me back, (with pride), to be a part of the service today, thanks, fight the good fight & keep up the good work.

the Wadda Top Site (By Nudge On 2-September-2007 10:26 pm)

Hi all, congrats on the site and the work you guys and girls do keep it up.

the Untitled (By Boof On 5-August-2007 12:53 pm)
Such is the pity that there is no club such as Longriders here in the west of Australia. Something that I have been looking for, for  a few years, and may be many years to come before I get the opportunity to even ride with a group like this. Keep up the good work, all the best.

the Untitled (By Cisco On 21-July-2007 1:17 am)

Keep fighting the good fight fellas, enjoyed your site.

the SICKMAN (By Reuben On 19-June-2007 7:38 pm)
Anyone doing God's work in this day and age has gotta be good. Keep up the good work and I look forward to coming for a ride one day and maybe giving a hand if I can.

the Untitled (By Sid On 28-March-2007 4:57 pm)

Just passing through
Nice site people.

the Thinking Of Morrie (By Rob Moffatt On 5-January-2007 6:41 am)
I Finally got the Dvd of Morrie Thompson's Funeral , and i was thinking of you Bonnie of how much work you put into , helping others get their life together and the time we met at Morrie's Funeral , I just wish he didn't pass on the way he did , i would Rather see him live the full life as any person would , i Just wish the he was alive. I'm doing fine, I'm Trying to look for video editing course with Tafe , Christmas Day i was Trying to do a Good deed and to get my cousin saved and take him to saint lukes Christmas Day i was looking for my Cousins present at the back seat and when i looked around

the Untitled (By Garriga On 20-December-2006 9:58 pm)

To all LONG RIDERS a Merry Christmas and all the best in 2007.

the God's Squad CMC, United Kingdom (By Howie On 12-December-2006 10:22 pm)

Merry Christmas to everyone in the Longriders CMC from God's Squad CMC, United Kingdom.

the suggest one, I'm open for sugestions (By Rebekah Blackwolf-Mitchell On 2-December-2006 7:25 pm)

Enjoyed the connection to you all while surfing this sight. I've met a few fellas who love the bikes and want to connect to Christ...hope it's cool to point them to you guys and gals. Praying for you too Mel. Never met ya, don't know a thing about ya, but I can tell you are very much loved. Your story is familiar, but dear darling you have survived this (praise the Lord).  God is the mechanic of all life, may He heal you and hold you and my you have clarity of thought and strength of faith. May love surround you now more than ever as you ajust to this new path. Praying for you, and your loved ones. Love in Christ sweetheart and God Bless, from a sister in faith. 

the Mal (By Shane On 24-September-2006 9:18 am)
Our thoughts are with Mal - here's to a speedy recovery mate. Respects to the Longriders CMC. Shane, Cressida, Clementine

the New Caledonia Brothers (By mutha On 5-September-2006 12:14 am)
Enjoyed the night with our New Caledonia Brothers. It was good to hear from them and know that these guys are praying for us.

the Greetings from God's Squad Sydney (By Neil On 15-July-2006 5:04 pm)

Greetings from God's Squad Sydney

the Da Geek on da Genny (By Gudge On 4-July-2006 3:05 pm)

Love the Webpage, easy on the eyes and well laid out.

the Untitled (By Darryl John On 4-July-2006 3:02 pm)

G'day Guy's

the daad@yahoo.com (By daad@yahoo.com On 21-June-2006 12:46 am)
Pretty good site. Nat

the Ziggy (By Scotty Longriders NSW On 13-June-2006 10:57 am)

Hey there Guys just checked out the site and think it is awesome keep up the good work on it.

the Great site (By Shane NORTON On 2-June-2006 8:46 am)

Great site fellas. Regards to all the Melbourne boys,

the friend (By donna On 24-May-2006 2:58 pm)

Hey, like yr webpage. I am a friend of Adrian Austin. I enjoyed my visit to yr church service a few months back !

the Greetings (By Howie On 24-May-2006 2:05 am)

Just thought I'd drop by and say hi from the Northern Hemisphere. Nice site.

the Untitled (By fil On 23-May-2006 12:36 am)
Great to see you have finally got a site up and running, like to say hi to paulie from adelaide chapter from fil, god's squad CMC, Brisbane

the President AMBASSADORS CMC (By STU On 18-May-2006 10:30 pm)

Great site Brothers

the OUTLAW (By Grub1%er On 12-May-2006 10:09 am)

Hey M8's,

the Mr. (By Mark Westbrook On 3-May-2006 5:16 pm)
G'day All........you don't know me but I am a Christian Brother from Tasmania.

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