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We have transitioned a lot of our content to Facebook (aka Faceache).
Some content you do not need to have a facebook account to view, such as photos and events.
Remember the best source of information on our club is by visiting a local chapter and asking.
Not all events, not all photos, not all news is posted on the website or facebook.

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Yalda Pashai Photojournalist

A view of Longriders from the perspective of Yalda Pashai.
Although Bikers have a huge influence on Australia’s culture today, the majority of public people tend to ignore their existence out of fear.
This is a documentary of a culture and a lifestyle far beyond the norm.....
To read further select the link below.

Longriders by Yalda Pashai

LONGRIDERS CMC AUSTRALIA Position regarding S.A.'s "Anti-Biker" Laws

LONGRIDERS CMC AUSTRALIA have been active in speaking out against the proposed Legislative Arrangements to Outlaw Serious and Organised Crime Groups, in South Australia.

This proposed legislation endangers the existance of Motorcycle Clubs, and contravenes human rights laws in Australia.

Attached is a statement, made by one of LONGRIDERS' Senior members, Edward "Mac" Hayes, who is also one of LONGRIDERS' Founding Members, and also a respected and distinguished citizen in his own right

Mac delivered this address to the Parliamentary Joint Committee on the Australian Crime Commission, in regards to the Inquiry into the Legislative arrangements to outlaw serious and organized crime groups, and in particular the new South Australian law, the “Serious and Organised Crime (Control) Bill” that has recently been passed by the South Australian Parliament.

If you are concerened about your Civil Rights, then please read Mac's Address, and petition the Government to stop this madness.

To read Mac's Address, please click on the PDF Symbol below:

Mac_Hayes_Bikie_Laws_SA_sub012.pdf Mac_Hayes_Bikie_Laws_SA_sub012.pdf (38kB)

Bill Of Rights Petition for ALL AUSTRALIANS

Here is the Bill of Rights for ALL  Australians petition we are part of and support, along with brief detail about the FREEDOM RUN to Canberra in October this year.

You can also download the forms and cover notes and reference material from here;

We encourage people to either link to the download site (as above) or put these forms on their own website, FaceBook pages and so on.

Here is the link to the FREE Party President's Report, which also gives further details.

CMC Conference Article

Magazine Article, from Live To Ride, "Still Having a Go !", written by Greg Hirst, President & Founding Member of BROTHERHOOD CMC AUSTRALIA.

Please click on the link below to read:

CMC_conference_article.pdf CMC_conference_article.pdf (515kB)

This has got to stop !

This law is so biased and ridiculous that it also targets anyone who remotely associates with "Outlaw" clubs, here's an example:

Our Adelaide Chapter President, who is also a full time church staff member, was refused a Limited Liquor Licence, for a Poker Run, on the grounds that:

" He is not a fit and proper person because he associates with a particular "Outlaw" MC, who have been declared a criminal organisation by the SA state Government, and therefore has been refused this application on this event, and a memorial run to remember fallen brothers at a grave site"

Does this mean that a Prison Chaplain would also be declared "Not fit and proper person" because he associates with known criminals !

This is absolutely disgusting, when an upstanding Christian member of society, who has the priviledge of performing marriages for members of "Outlaw" Clubs, burying their dead, and praying with them in hard times, and trying to bring some meaning and hope in a world full of hypocrisy, is discriminated against for taking the Gospel out to to those who need it the most.

This is a bloke who runs a mainstream Church, who in his line of work feeds the Hungry and clothes the Poor, who because of his beliefs is a member of a Christian Motorcycle Club, who has a heart of gold and the urge to minister to those in need, and yet, in the eyes of an unjust and corrupt government, is labelled as unfit and improper !


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