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Through Brotherhood, Friendship and Community

  1. To support and encourage members and their families in the faith journey,
  2. To live out our faith in the bike culture, in particular the outlaw biker scene, in a way that encourages others to seek faith in Jesus Christ for themselves,
  3. To encourage members, nominees and associates, and their families to find support in a local church, and
  4. To be a brotherhood of believers with whom other bikers may find acceptance and belonging.

Membership is something that is earned and not just taken for granted. We expect members to be committed to their faith, family, church and the club.

Prospective members are invited to become members after they have had an active involvement with the club, usually for several years.

For more information on membership, please contact your local, or closest chapter.

Associates & Supporters

LONGRIDERS CMC AUSTRALIA has a number of associates and supporters, who enjoy their involvement, and we enjoy having them around.
Associates are people who, through their consistent involvement on runs and functions, have become invaluable friends. Not everyone wants to be as committed as a member, so they become associates on invitation from the club.
As an associate, a small patch is worn on the front of the vest. Some members and nominees wear an associate patch as well as their colours, this is because at some point they started out as associates and ended up as members.
LONGRIDERS CMC AUSTRALIA value our associates as much as we value our members and nominees.


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