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Press articles relating to LONGRIDERS CMC AUSTRALIA can be found on this page. Articles may be submitted by emailing the article, in either PDF or JPG form, to the National Web Site Administrator.

LONGRIDERS CMC AUSTRALIA does not necessarily agree with, or condone the views, comments or content of articles posted on this page.
Note: Clicking on an article will close the current page, and automatically open a PDF or Photo viewer. To return to LONGRIDERS CMC AUSTRALIA, please use the "Return" or "Back Arrow" button on the top left hand side of your browser toolbar


File Description Date Uploaded
Bridge, Raukkan go global (MVS SA 2011)  ·  jpg/259kB People living in Murray Bridge and Raukkan will be on show to a global audience following the release of a web-based documentary... 25-May-2012
Ned Kelly joins Longriders (MVS SA 2011)  ·  jpg/282kB After many years, a legendary Aussie outlaw has finally found a home in a Murray Bridge motorcycle club's headquaters. 25-May-2012
Last drinks for motorcycle club? (MVS SA 2009)  ·  pdf/92kB ANTI-BIKIE laws have come to bear on a Murray Bridge motorcycle group in what the club is calling an attack on its reputation. 25-May-2012
Heaven's Angels Stateline SA (2007)  ·  pdf/30kB Tonight one club speaks out, saying not only do the new proposals defy civil liberties, but the war on bikies hasn't cut drugs on the streets. 25-May-2012
Four Hundred attend family fun day (MVS SA 2004)  ·  jpg/266kB NAIDOC week celebrations continued at the Lower Murray Nungas Club.... 25-May-2012
LTR Issue 280 Taking the Gamble  ·  pdf/2MB 25-May-2012
Thou Shalt Customize - OZBIKER NATION OCT 2011  ·  pdf/458kB 11-November -2011
Collage, LR Bike Shows  ·  pdf/301kB 24-April-2011
OZBIKE Article, 09 Shaun  ·  pdf/1MB 24-April-2011
New Kids On The Block Part 1 - Big Stories Article  ·  pdf/613kB 25-May-2012
Big Stories Facebook - Bonnie  ·  jpg/251kB 25-May-2012
Big Stories Facebook Pics 2  ·  jpg/418kB 25-May-2012
Big Stories Facebook Pics  ·  jpg/280kB 25-May-2012
Pretty Pine & SA Show N Shine  ·  pdf/3MB 25-May-2012
Live To Ride Article - Show On The Moon  ·  pdf/3MB 25-May-2012
Live To Ride Article - Backyard Beauty !  ·  pdf/3MB 25-May-2012
Ozbike Article - The Devil Made 'em do It !  ·  pdf/2MB 25-May-2012
Ozbike Article - The Long Haul  ·  pdf/3MB 25-May-2012
Live To Ride Article, Dec 1997 - Anzac Day Aces  ·  pdf/5MB 23-April-2011
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