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Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone become a member of LONGRIDERS CMC AUSTRALIA ?

All members of LONGRIDERS CMC AUSTRALIA, have had a long involvement and relationship with the club.

Membership is attained by invitation only, and is only done so, after continuous active involvement, ranging between 2 years or more (depending on individual circumstances).

Most blokes are invited to become Nominees after they have developed a relationship with most, if not all the members, and have ridden with us to all our runs and have attended all club functions, both in their home state and at other interstate chapters.

They have to satisfy the requirements of our constitution, and then after the Nominee qualifying period (which may vary according to individual circumstances), gain a unanimous vote at a club meeting.


I want to get involved, but I don't ride a bike.

LONGRIDERS CMC AUSTRALIA is a Christian MOTORCYCLE Club, therefore membership is restricted to motorcycle riders.


What kind of bike do I need to ride, if I want to get involved ?

Because we are actively involved in the Outlaw Motorcycle scene, it is imperative that members own and ride a bike which is relevant to that scene.

Most Outlaw Clubs require that members ride a Motorcycle, no smaller in capacity then 500cc or 650cc, and that are American or British built, although some Outlaw Club members do occasionally ride European Motorcycles

Our requirements for Full Membership is the same !

Most of our members own and ride Harley Davidsons, although some prefer British bikes as well. Selected European Motorcycles will be considered !


Why does it take so long to become a member ?

We take membership very seriously, considering that we operate within the "Outlaw" Biker Culture.

Members MUST be committed, to their Faith, to their respective Families, and to the club. We also have a deep relationship (Brotherhood) with each other, and this is something which takes time and effort.

All Members have a personal relationship with God, through Jesus Christ as their Saviour (the extra C in CMC stands for CHRISTIAN).

Trust and reliability are also very important to us, and these attributes can only be built over time.

We are NOT a "pay for your patch" club, the right to wear our Colours, and represent LONGRIDERS must be earned !

Members must also understand how and where LONGRIDERS operate, and the part the club plays in the "Outlaw" Biker Culture, and how we "fit in". This means that Prospective Members MUST have a firm grasp and knowledge of the culture that we operate in.

All this takes time.


I have a question, but it is not listed on the FAQ page !

For further information on becoming a member, or an associate, please contact your local, or closest chapter of LONGRIDERS CMC AUSTRALIA.

Contact information is provided on our "Contact Us" page.


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