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About Longriders Social Clubs

Statement of Purpose and Aims

The social club is intended for people who are interested in supporting Longriders CMC Australia and wish to belong to a social club whom holds similar values to that of Longriders.
The membership may include:

  1. Christian men who are not able to or don’t want to “nominate” for membership at this stage in their lives. It may be a gateway for these men to later consider, after discussion with a full member, nominating for the club.
  2. Men and women who are interested in supporting Longriders and wish to belong to a social club.
  3. The purpose of the social club is to enjoy motorcycling, mateship, family get-togethers and fellowship. It is not intended to be another back-patch club.


Each Longriders Chapter has it's own independent social club. Process is different for each chapter.
For more information on social club membership, please contact your local, or closest Longirders Chapter.

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