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Submitted By: Skuzzybear
Date Submitted: 19-July-2020 11:23 am
Status: Approved
Views: 54
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Life takes us on serendipitous rides and last night was no different. (Sat 18/7) Alone & struggling with past inner demons because I was stuck for an extended time in the car in the dark for an extended length of time. I needed modern technology to get me going again and I was given the best solution by a member from here. People aren't given enough praise so wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for making my unexpected trip home the BEST. Ok, I felt I was being interviewed but at the heart of the lively and funny conversation was a real and tangible love for our Brother, Jesus. And when you have a finite time together questions have to be more direct! I am so glad I was sent the right person for the right situation again. I felt genuinely protected EXACTLY at the time my faith was being punched up when yet another thing had gone "wrong", a Brother was sent to the "rescue of this damsel" Dont get me wrong,people, I am not one for asking for help when the fingernail breaks so know this sounds out there but thank you for shielding me. And for getting me home safely JMc

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